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“Janus was often depicted as having two faces, looking in different directions, one to the future and the other to the past” (Wikipedia).

This also describes Janus Oy's business concept as a hall constructor. Our aim is to combine long-standing traditions and expertise in hall construction with continuous development. Years ago, we already made the decision that Janus hall frames would always be hot dip-galvanised. In addition, we decided to start using highly reliable Finnish PVC fabric, which is made to withstand the harsh weather conditions of the north. We simply wanted to set a high standard for hall construction and because of this we dare to give the longest warranty in the market for our PVC halls.

Energy-efficient space solutions for today’s needs

The energy efficiency of the insulated halls is an indication of how a Janus hall meets the energy-economy requirements of today. In the fittings of the halls, we always strive to be up to date or even ahead of development. This enables us to meet our customers’ varying needs both today and tomorrow.

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Janus Oy's various sports halls, storage halls, production halls, garages, special halls and other halls offer cost-effective space solutions for businesses throughout Finland. When you ask for a quote, we will first map out your needs and then calculate a fair quote based on them.

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► Experience

We have operated as a hall constructor since 1992. Our long-standing experience has been appreciated by many customers, with whom cooperation has continued even after the first hall.

► Financially stable

Janus Oy is a financially stable company, which is reflected by the many special mentions that we have received, as well as the highest AAA credit rating.