A hall beyond compare

That is what a Finnish, durable Janus hall is like. Read why!

The Janus hall is an excellent solution when you need a space for your operations. It is:

Quickly constructed

The efficient construction method enables quick hall construction all year round.


Each hall is designed, constructed and fitted out individually in accordance with the customer’s needs.


The Janus hall can be used to cover even large areas without support columns. This makes it possible to use the premises as efficiently as possible. In addition, the space can easily be converted during the entire lifespan of the hall.


Thanks to its structure, the Janus hall can easily be moved elsewhere, should the situation so require.


The energy consumption of the insulated Janus hall is very moderate. This provides covered premises for use all year round, energy-efficiently. Read more about energy-efficient options here »


The approximate lifespan of a hot dip-galvanised Janus hall is a minimum of 100 years. This is why we provide a 10-year guarantee for both the frame and the fabric.

Safe and reliable

All construction projects are sized in accordance with local wind and snow loads. The hot dip-galvanised frame is CE-marked, and it is erected on tarmac using a tested anchoring method. If required, the strength of the anchoring is confirmed with tensile tests. The PVC fabric of the Janus hall is manufactured in Finland and designed to endure even severe changes in temperature.

All our construction sites require a construction permit. The company’s management has more than 40 years’ experience of the construction of lightweight-structured halls. Over that period, they have participated in the construction of more than 1,000 halls.

Resale value-retaining

A long lifespan combined with mobility and flexibility guarantee a good resale value for Janus halls even after years of use.

Economical overall

= An efficient construction method + Flexibility/Mobility + Energy efficiency + Durability + Reliability + Retention of the resale value

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