Garages and boat halls

Functioning spaces for storage and sales

Changing seasons often pose challenges for the storage and sale of cars and boats. The Janus hall efficiently protects the most important current assets of your business and, above all, ensures a better customer experience, as the products can be presented to the customers in dry and comfortable indoor premises. Due to the frame structure, all square metres are flexibly and efficiently used. Familiarise yourself with our halls!

Autotalo Laakkonen Ltd., Porvoo (25 m x 40 m x 4 m, 1000 m2)

Veho Raisio

Pienkonehuolto Siekkinen, Heinola (30 m x 60 m x 4 m, 1800 m2)

Garages and boat halls for your needs – request a quote!

Janus Oy builds garages, boat halls and other hall buildings throughout Finland. Contact us and tell us your needs, and we will work out a fair quote for you!