Cost efficiency

A Janus hall retains its value

Construction costs and flexibility

The construction costs of a lightweight-structured hall are moderate. The frame structure of the Janus hall also guarantees excellent flexibility at a later stage since there are no restrictive vertical beams.  

The costs of ownership

A Janus hall is very trouble-free and easy to maintain. The oldest roof coverings used in the halls are already more than 40 years old, and the calculated lifespan of the frame is a minimum of 100 years. If required, the roof covering can easily be replaced over the long-life frame. In the event of damage, we offer a repair service. 

Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of the insulated Janus halls is top-notch. This is demonstrated by the constructed sports halls, which have had negligible heating costs. Familiarise yourself with our halls in Joensuu and Lahti.

Resale value

The easy disassembly of the hall and the long lifespan of the elements ensure a good resale value for the Janus halls. Indeed, second-hand halls are in high demand. 

Different forms of ownership

If required, a Janus hall can be rented or acquired through a leasing contract if owning it is not the preferred solution. The good resale value guarantees competitive pricing.

Project management

Our long-standing experience helps with management of the overall project. Together we can find the hall solution that meets your needs, is the right size and is realised with the right kind of fittings. In addition, our experience is sure to help in the design and permit process.

A good example of comprehensive project management can be seen in the adjoining pictures. The Blomberg Stevedoring grain storage depot has been fitted out to exactly meet the needs of the customer (inner roof covering, concrete silo, roller doors, lighting etc.).

Request a quote for a Janus hall!

The multi-functional halls of Janus Oy offer high-quality and cost-efficient space solutions, regardless of the field of business. Request a quote, and we will tailor-make a hall package at a competitive price for you.