Quality and safety

A lightweight-structured hall is a cost-efficient and durable solution

The long lifespan and commitment to long warranty periods set precise quality requirements for the Janus halls of Janus Oy. This is taken into account at each stage of the construction project. As a result, the lightweight-structured halls always meet the latest quality and safety requirements. All our construction sites require building permits, so this is not just a weather protection solution. The extensive list of references speaks for our reliable operation, already spanning many years.

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► Frame

The Janus hall’s hot dip-galvanised frame meets the CE marking requirements. The frame is hot dip-galvanised in accordance with the SFS-EN ISO 1461 standard, and always designed for wind and snow loads as specified by Eurocode EC1.

► Roof covering

The roof covering used for the hall is Finnish polyester cloth, with PVC coating on both sides, treated with fire retardant and protected against UV rays and mould. The skirt of the roof covering is attached to the ground by pitching.

► Fittings

Janus halls are fitted out according to the customer’s needs. Different usage purposes and storage requirements affect the fittings and appearance of the hall.

► Cost efficiency

The construction costs of a lightweight-structured hall are moderate. The frame structure of the Janus hall also guarantees excellent flexibility at a later stage since there are no restrictive vertical beams.