Insulated sports halls

Energy-efficient halls for sports use

Weather conditions can be challenging for year-round practice of many sports. Janus halls can be used to cover even large areas without support columns. This makes it possible to practice many different sports at every time of the year. Moderate construction costs and energy efficiency ensure a cost-efficient alternative to traditional hall solutions.

Janus Oy has provided hall solutions for many different sports, such as tennis, ice hockey and golf. Get to know our sites and request a quote!

Myllypuro Tenniskeskus Oy, Helsinki

In November 2016, a second insulated Janus hall was already completed in Helsinki (36 m x 54 m x 5 m, 1,944 m2). The heating costs for this energy-friendly hall are small. The Janus hall is functional and the users have been very satisfied with the playing conditions of the hall. The hall has three tennis courts.

Jyväskylä Tennis Centre Janus

The insulated tennis and badminton hall was completed in 2016 (37 m x 76 m x 5 m, 2,812 m2).

The Janus Arena: a tennis and badminton hall in Lahti

In December 2014, a new tennis and badminton hall with low energy consumption, the Janus Arena, was opened in Lahti. The hall has two tennis and four badminton courts. The size of the Finnish Janus Arena is 1,991 m2 (37 m x 53.8 m x 9.1 m). The volume of the hall is 13,500 m3.

During the observation period of the six coldest winter months, the hall’s heating energy consumption has been very low (approximately 30 MWh). Based on this observation period, the heating energy consumption for the entire year is estimated to be less than 20 kWh/m2.

The heat-insulated Mehtimäki golf and tennis hall in Joensuu

The Mehtimäki tennis and golf hall in Joensuu was completed in 2013. The hall’s area is 2,601 m2 (37 m x 70.3 m x 5 m) and it is heated with district heat. During the 12-month monitoring period, the hall’s energy consumption was 54.3 MWh (below 21 kWh/m2), including water.

The Kisapuisto training ice rink, Lappeenranta

Completed in December 2014 (36 m x 63 m x 4.5 m, 2,268 m2).

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Janus Oy constructs insulated sporting halls all across Finland. We always customise our halls, including their fittings, according to the requirements. Tell us about your own plans and needs!