Hall frame

The CE-marked and durable frames are the backbone of our halls

The Janus hall’s hot dip-galvanised frame meets the CE marking requirements. The frame is hot dip-galvanised in accordance with the SFS-EN ISO 1461 standard, and always designed for wind and snow loads as specified by Eurocode EC1. The frame is anchored with hot dip-galvanised steel pile anchors that have been hammered through the steel bottom plate into tarmac. The stresses that the bottom plate is subjected to are calculated in accordance with the European EC1 structure standard. If required, load tests are carried out, where the anchoring plate is subjected to horizontal, compression and uplift forces in accordance with the standard. The calculated lifespan for the frame is a minimum of 100 years.  

See the CE certificate granted to Janus Oy for the steel structures.

The hot dip-galvanisation protects the hall’s steel frame

Hot dip-galvanisation is a process in which the steel parts are protected with zinc. First the steel is cleaned with hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid, after which the steel is submerged in the flux basin. This provides the surface of the steel with a protective salt layer, preventing the steel from oxidising before the zinc bath. After this phase, the steel is dipped in molten zinc at approximately 450° C, where the zinc and steel react with each other forming a coating with a varying thickness of 60–150 micrometres (depending on the thickness of the steel and the duration of the dipping). Depending on the steel-zinc reaction, the coating can be glossy and with a silvery sheen (thin layers) or dark grey and matte (thicker layers).

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The Janus hall frames, roof coverings and fittings represent modern construction techniques and high-quality materials. We will be happy to tell you more about our halls, so contact us!

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